Eco Asian

Eco Asian

With inspiration drawn from nature Eco Asian is a fresh and contemporary collection of style ranges that harmonise the home and give it all the sophistication and gracious serenity of an exotic refuge.

Being the cradle of civilization the Asian continent has been permeated with the artistic and aesthetic riches of many cultures that have inspired our Eco Asian home decor style. The unique designs are a tribute to the majesty and awe of the art and culture of Asia.

From complete room settings down to the finest accessories we present a luxuriant and diverse mix of colours, textiles and moods incorporating natural elements and elegant artworks and handcrafts.

With the hectic pace of the modern world zipping by in a blur we are seeing a resurgence in Asian styles and a yearning for their simplicity, uncluttered lines and natural touches. There is a timelessness about them that harks back to a simpler age yet at the same time they are firmly of the now; contemporary, relevant and new.

Our lives may have sped up but that doesn’t mean that our homes have to travel at the speed of light. Our Eco Asian styles will bring an informal, tranquil and relaxed feel to your home. Check out our full range and gorgeous new looks and start moving your life into a slower lane.